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For anyone who drives an EV.

Sep 9, 2019

Our feature topic today is charging. Again.

We’ve covered various aspects of charging since we started this podcast including chargers & cables and the whole process surrounding charging itself (costs/ Apps/ RFID cards etc). Links to these episodes are included below.

Since we published those episodes things have moved on quite a lot with regard to charging so we wanted to go back to the topic and discuss - in a bit more detail - exactly what charging options you have ‘generically’ and what you need to be looking at with regard to what sort of car you have.


Links to Articles etc.

Ep 2 - Charging

Ep 7 - Always be Charging -

@KonaElectric’s video about the MG ZS EV:

BP Chargemaster announcing their 150kW chargers at Cranford:

Cool things

Tweet from @rodread about a kite-based wind turbine:

Windswept and interesting:


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