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For anyone who drives an EV.

Nov 11, 2019

This is Episode 21 of ‘EV Musings’ a podcast about Electric Vehicles and things that are interesting to Electric Vehicle owners

On our podcast today we’ll be talking about The Elephant in the Room. The company whose presence lurks over any discussion of electric vehicles. 

That’s it. Not a specific vehicle or a specific aspect. Just the elephant.

I’m talking, of course, about Tesla.




Season 2: 00:35

Charging 02:11

Our feature topic: 03:51

Are Teslas worth the money? 07:34

The purchasing experience: 09:14

The Tesla app 11:29

The Supercharger network 12:42 

Performance 15:36

The unique features 17:00

The bad and the ugly  20:07 

Cool things: 25:28

Outro : 27:45


Links to Articles etc.

If you want to buy one:

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“He’s gone Plaid” (Spaceballs) video:

Gary Wales:


Cool things

Mum makes frame for kit to skateboard with cerebral palsy-

US Electric Vehicle sales by month:


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