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For anyone who drives an EV.

Nov 18, 2019

This is Episode 22 of ‘EV Musings’ a podcast about Electric Vehicles and things that are interesting to Electric Vehicle owners.

On our podcast today we’ll be taking a long range road trip in a short range EV.

It’s all well and good with EV Vloggers doing these 1000km road trips in a Model 3 or a large capacity battery vehicle with fast, high powered Ionity or Tesla Superchargers along the route. Under ideal circumstances you can do a trip like that in fewer than 12 hours. 

But what if you want to do it in a ‘normal’ everyday EV with just the charging network we have in the UK? 

Today we find out what's possible.




Intro: 00:08

Feature topic: 02:21

Cool things: 24:18

Outro : 28:48

Some Statistics from the run

(NOTE: Timings are approximate and do not indicate exact time spent charging rather they indicate the overall length of the stop).

Leg1 Hitchin to Ponton

Arrived at 08.50 with 10% charge.

Left at 09.25 with 90% charge

Cost £5.90 for 23.61kWh Alfa Power

Leg2 Ponton to Doncaster

Arrived at 10.39 with 23% charge.

Left at 11.15 with 85% charge. 

Cost £7.89 for 22.96kWh Geniepoint

Leg3 Doncaster to Gristhwaite 

Arrived at 12.27 with 35% charge.

Left at 13.00 with 91% charge

Cost £7.99 for 20.5kWh. Shell

Leg4 Gristhwaite to Sunderland

Arrived at 14.00 with 36% charge.

Left at 14.43 with 98% charge

Cost £7.75 for 19.87kWh.  Not-So-FastNed

Leg5 Sunderland to Kendal  

Arrived at 17.15 with 19% charge.

Left at 17.57 with 98% charge

Cost £8.41 for 24.02kWh. Instavolt

Leg6 Kendal to Haydock Park

Arrived at 19.11 with 34% charge.

Left at 19.43 with 82% charge

Cost £2.28 for 15.2kWh. Polar

Leg7 Haydock Park to Cannock

Arrived at 21.30 with 8% charge.

Left at 22.00 with 92% charge

Cost £7.98 for 22.8kWh. Instavolt

Leg8 Cannock to Milton Keynes

Arrived at 00.35 with 15% charge.

Left at 00.54 with 52% charge

Cost £2.50 for 16.61kWh. Polar

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