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For anyone who drives an EV.

Dec 21, 2020

This is episode 72 of EV Musings a podcast about renewables, electric vehicles and things that are interesting to electric vehicle owners.

On the show today we'll be continuing our series on EVs on the market today and we’ll be looking at the Audi eTron.

We’ve had episodes before in this podcast where we discuss the different EVs available on the market. The whole idea is to try and speak to listeners who have actually got these cars and have driven them for more than a couple of days. That way you get to understand what’s good about them as well as what’s bad.

So far in the series we’ve covered. The i3, the Nissan Leaf, the iPace, the Kia Soul, the Model S, Model 3, the Kia eNiro and the Renault Zoe.

This week we’re looking at Audi’s first entry into the EV market: the eTron.


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