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For anyone who drives an EV.

Jun 24, 2019

This is Episode 4 of EV Musings a podcast about Electric Vehicles and things that are interesting to Electric Vehicle owners

On our podcast today we’ll be talking about the mainstream media and how they tend to portray electric vehicles in a negative light.

We'll cover topics such as the type of articles that get written, who reads and comments on them, the influence of Big Oil and how we can help move the conversation forward constructively.


Evolt charged me £60 to charge my car!

Daily Mail article search phrase: renault electric car

Living with an EV didn’t go well.

Electric cars will lead to National grid collapse:

Electric vehicles at risk by charging from home mains supply.

EVs use more Co2 than ICE cars in their manufacture:

New York times article on Big Oil pushing back:


Cool things

Charging sites outnumber petrol stations:

Tesla Gigafactory:

Social media

Simon Roe : and Youtube:

Gary Comerford:

“So, you’ve gone electric?’ on Amazon: