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For anyone who drives an EV.

Jun 3, 2019

Welcome to episode one of EV Musings. A podcast about EVs and things that are interesting to EV owners (and potential owners)

The podcast is created by Gary Comerford and Simon Roe, two UK-based EV owners (but most of what they talk about applies everywhere EVs are currently being driven.)

In this show we discuss those annoying myths that always seem to get banded about when people try to persuade you that an EV is not the right thing to buy. We'll be covering things such as :

  • Where does the energy come from to fuel them?
  • The batteries need replacing regularly and cost a fortune, right?
  • The batteries need precious minerals to be mined to create them don't they?
  • You can't drive them in the rain!

.. plus others that always seem to be thrown around on comment section and Twitter/Facebook posts.

Links to Articles etc.

Article about EVs being less environmentally friendly than petrol and diesel:,-german-study-shows

Euan McTurk Youtube channel: Plug Life Television.

Bjorn Nyland  Youtube: Tesla Bjorn

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Electric Insights.

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